In crafting successful licensing programs, License Works has developed an effective process that integrates strategy, negotiation, marketing, and management. Our clients can rely on this process to generate programs that maximize exposure and revenue.

1. Brand Representation Services

We build and manage strategic, successful and profitable licensing programs for our clients by leveraging the power and equity of their brands into the retail marketplace.

License Works provides a full spectrum of services to its clients, including:

Development of Licensing Strategy

  • Analysis of licensable assets
  • Understanding brand values and positioning as a basis for brand extension
  • Identify and recommend potential product categories
  • Development of brand licensing tools

Program Execution

  • Identifying and Qualifying Licensee prospects
  • Licensee due diligence
  • Contract negotiation
  • Licensee orientation on brand expectations

Program Management

  • Ongoing management of product development,approval and quality control
  • Ensuring licensee compliance to contractual obligations
  • Overseeing and directing marketing initiatives
  • Royalty accounting, collection and payment


2. Brand Acquisition Services

License Works helps manufacturers and retailers identify and acquire the right brands and properties to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our Services include:

  • Licensing Strategy development
  • Brand identification based on licensee goals and objectives
  • Property solicitation
  • Preparation of Licensing Business proposal
  • Contract negotiation